Nicole Ulgado

Rally Enterprise Pattern Library

A pattern library (subset of Rally’s Enterprise Tools Design System) made for designers, developers, and product managers that defines standards around reusable components for the Rally tools suite.

The Challenge

When I started at Rally, there were 10 textboxes and 12 dropdowns with different styles, 4 varying tab interactions, and over 50 shades of gray implemented in our enterprise tools, all being used by internal admins. Styling, components, and interactions were inconsistent and fragmented.

Thus, our goals were to simplify, modernize, and standardize the overall user experience for our internal admins and create a shared source of truth for our stakeholders:


Inspire and empower our PMs when envisioning new and improved tools to support the company’s products and solutions


Allow current and incoming designers to work more efficiently and deliver consistent designs through dynamic sketch symbols


A one-stop shop for design specs and in-depth functional documentation as a foundation to kickstart technical documentation and code snippets

My Role and Process

I collaborated with another designer to define the overall styling of new components. I led the documentation process, keeping principles from atomic design in mind, and prepared the component library for the transition into a design system.



The design team conducted a visual audit of the implemented tools and tracked down specific qualities to gauge our level of effort and create a game plan for the re-design.



Met with design, product, and engineering stakeholders and interviewed users to further understand problems with our legacy tools and define the scope of work from a high level.



Met on a weekly basis with my design team lead to brainstorming and ideate through the style guide and components as we cycled through separate meetings with engineering.


Design & dev 1-on-1's

I worked on this in tandem with 2 new projects on the roadmap, so I worked closely with the respective 5 engineers while they built components for their tools.


Outline & documentation

I wrote rules and guidelines to document the overall foundation, styling, components, layout, accessibility, etc.

Legacy Design

New Tools 2.0

Final Deliverable

After 16 months, I created a solid foundation for the Rally Enterprise design system. This pattern library consisted of dynamic Sketch symbols accompanied by guidelines and principles.

Samples from the Rally Enterprise 2.0 pattern library

Next Steps

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